Lighthouse Disability Services

About Us

Although new at pioneering this dream, Lighthouse Disability Services has grown in the short amount of time it has been running and is constantly looking for ways to improve the lives of the participants, carers and staff.

Motivation & Inspiration​

Lighthouse Disability services was founded on a dream to change the way we thought of short-term accommodation for those with a disability. Many of the previous services which had been running for years were adequate in serving the needs of the community but were often left vulnerable to the pitfalls of quantity vs quality. The push and desire to facilitate more people and accommodate more participants than what some organisations can effectively manage, often meant that not only staff were feeling the load but most importantly the participants’ quality of service was affected. 

This was the driving force and foundation for which Lighthouse Disability Services strived to better. Lighthouse Disability Services aimed to bridge this gap in quality of service by focusing on redesigning and restructuring the traditional set up of short-term accommodation, then called respite. And as a result, the intentional restructuring of short-term accommodation, looked and felt better, like home. Each room was designed in a thoughtful way, not only to facilitate safety and comfort but to embrace elegance and style.

"Daily living assistance to the highest standard of care and support 24 hours a day 7 days a week...”